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Algebra I
Algebra 1
"We LOVE Uncle Buck's clear explanation of Algebra. My husband has even commented that he would like to join us for learning advanced math from Dana Mosely when we reach that stage in our son's education. These teaching DVDs are a real treasure and will remain in our family library for the next generation as well (our grandkids). :)"

With gratitude,

Beverly Rohrer

"Mr. Mosely,

Thank you! We just dropped a Geometry class at a local co-op because it was being taught out of Glencoe aligned with Common Core standards. The teacher was very good but even in week one she was scratching her head wondering why the textbook took 5 steps for a problem that could have been solved in one or two.

We will stick with Chalk Dust for the rest of high school. I am thankful that our umbrella school recommended your company to us. I am one of those parents who has tried a LOT math curricula over the years. My daughter is math challenged, but scored in the top percentile of math on standardized testing this spring after completing Chalk Dust Algebra I. Thank you for all you do to help homeschoolers."



"Our two oldest children used Chalkdust Algebra several years ago and now our 8th grader is using the Prealgebra and they all say there is no other math curriculum they like as good as Chalkdust. When our daughter began 9th grade in a private school she took Algebra 2. She said everything she learned in Algebra 2 she had already learned in Chalkdust Algebra 1, which she had taken the year before at home. Thanks again."

Delores Weaver

Algebra 1 5th edition (2010) Review by Cathy Duffy

10 DVDs, hardbound text, student solutions guide, and student technical support - $419

The textbook for this course is Elementary Algebra by Larson and Hostetler published by Cengage Learning. This is a traditional course targeted toward the average student. Mosely's thorough presentations plus the combination of DVD instruction with textbook reinforcement should make it easy for most students to master algebra while working independently through the course. In addition the Student Solutions Guide will help when both students and parents are stumped.

While this text does not incorporate geometry instruction it does include algebraic applications in geometry and the appendix lists "Further Concepts in Geometry." The Algebra 1 course has lessons and exercises for using a graphing calculator. In addition, the book's appendix adds sections on graphing calculators, geometry, and statistics, but the appendix sections are not included on video. The appendix also has an Index of Applications which lists hundreds of application problems in biology, business, chemistry, and physics.

"I have two children--one who graduated from high school in 2003 and a sophmore in high school. I have used Chalkdust's Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II. My oldest daughter is taking Calculus in college and is scoring at 98%. I attribute her success to her excellent foundation in math from Chalkdust! Thank you."
Karen Potter

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