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Algebra 2
Algebra 2
"Our oldest graduated last May from homeschool. He used your Geometry, Algebra II, Precalc, and Calculus (1st half of the book). He has done very well with math. Last spring he took the AP Calculus AB exam and earned a 5 on it, the highest score. He just completed his first semester in engineering at Virginia Tech and received A's in both of his math courses, Calculus II and Vector Geometry. Chalkdust works! Thank you for your thorough, challenging program.

Kim Estep"

"Greetings from Iowa! I have used your program for ACT Test Prep, Trig, Calculus and Basic College Math. I am now switching the whole family (ten children, three are in college studying engineering and architecture respectively at the University of Notre Dame) over to exclusively your products! We had been using Video Text in the past, but the kids enjoy your teaching and are doing better with it!

Thank you again for your excellent teaching. I have very math-geared children and your program has given them an excellent foundation in math. My third child will be testing into Calc 3 at Notre Dame if all goes well. He intends to major in Computer Science Engineering but is considering a dual major in math. Well done Chalk Dust!!!!"

Thanks and God bless,
Megan McDonald

"Dear Mr. Mosely, I am writing to express my appreciation for your Chalk Dust Math programs. I have completed the Basic Math through Algebra 2 programs. Your video lessons and technical support have helped me to understand math and to do well in it. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Nathan Bickley

"I am a student who takes your Algebra II course. I would like to thank you for the courses you have created. Using the videos is a much better way to learn math than using a textbook alone. I always like watching the videos and can see your passion for math as you teach. You enrich the experience of learning math for me, and many others. Thank you for all the time you put into making math easier and more fun to learn.

Alex Graening"

"We received the Algebra 2 course last week, and my son has already completed about 10 lessons. After 3 years (through 3 different Algebra courses from 8th-10th grades) of saying he hated Algebra, my son now says, "Mom, I LOVE Algebra!!" He has connected with Mr. Mosely, the teacher, and understands even the more difficult word problems. He had a phenomenal math teacher in 6th grade and thought he might never again have that opportunity, but now he states that Mr. Mosely is even as good as Mr. Tayler was! I can't thank you enough for this course, as I have regained new hope that my son might one day succeed in a career involving math or the sciences.

V. Penrose"

"Subject: Re: A2 DVD 4 Replacement

Thank you for your incredibly prompt reply. Your customer service is amazing."

"Please know that we think that your courses are tremendous!

Thank you,
Don Knapp"

Algebra 2 5th Edition (2010) Review by Cathy Duffy

13 DVDs, hardbound textbook, student solutions guide, and student technical support - $449

The textbook for this course is Intermediate Algebra by Larson and Hostetler published by Cengage Learning. Mosely closely follows the lessons as presented in the textbook teaching concepts and working sample problems. Many first-year algebra concepts are reviewed at length, a boon for students who have taken geometry after one year of algebra and need a refresher. The Student Solutions Guide covers all odd exercise problems plus all mid-chapter, end-of-chapter, and cumulative test problems.

The scope and sequence is a bit different from some other Algebra 2 courses. While it covers functions at length along with radicals, inequalities, conic sections, systems of equations, matrices, and logarithms, sequences, series and the binomial theorem it does not introduce trigonometry. The inclusion of elementary trigonometry techniques is a relatively recent trend in Algebra 2 courses and Chalk Dust follows the more traditional approach in offering trigonometry as a separate and much more comprehensive course.

Instructions for using a TI-83 graphing calculator are part of the DVD instruction and also appear in a separate section in the appendix. Additional calculator information appears as "technology tips" in sidebars throughout the book. Occasionally, DVD lessons actually show the calculator and its screen so that students can use their own calculators and follow along performing operations.

In my opinion, this is one of the most practical solutions for covering Algebra 2 unless parents are great at math and have time to teach it themselves. Even though the cost seems high, keep in mind that everything can be used with other children then resold when you are finished, or you could share a set of DVDs with another family.

"I have two children--one who graduated from high school in 2003 and a sophmore in high school. I have used Chalk Dust's Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. My oldest daughter is taking Calculus in college and is scoring at 98%. I attribute her success to her excellent foundation in math from Chalk Dust! Thank you."
Karen Potter

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