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Basic Math
Basic Math Full
Reviews of
Basic Math

Basic Math 9th edition (2010) Review by Cathy Duffy

9 DVDs, softbound text, student solutions guide, and student technical support - $389

The text for this course is Cengage Learning's Basic Math, 9th Edition by Aufmann and Lockwood.

This sixth grade course includes one chapter each on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, percents, applications for business and consumers, statistics and probability, U.S. customary units of measurement, the metric system of measurement, rational numbers, introduction to algebra, and geometry. With the addition of the last three chapters (which were not included in previous editions), this is a solid sixth grade course.

Many practical applications appear in examples and word problems, and an entire chapter is devoted to business and consumer math skills such as percent calculations in making purchases, computing interest, calculating the cost of buying a home or car, calculating wages, and balancing a checkbook.

A four-function calculator might be used along with this course, but it's not absolutely essential. If you are looking ahead, you might want to go ahead and purchase a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator since it can be used with all courses.

"Dear Mr. Mosely, I am writing to express my appreciation for your Chalk Dust Math programs. I have completed the Basic Math through Algebra 2 programs. Your video lessons and technical support have helped me to understand math and to do well in it. Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Nathan Bickley

"I had talked to you about 2 1/2 years ago. One son was repeating Basic Math for the third time. You encouraged me and he finally understood it. He went on last year to do well in Algebra 1 in public school. He is doing well and has a good grasp of math. He is in his sophmore year enjoying Geometry. Thank you."

Mary Radinsky

"Hello to all at Chalk Dust Math,
My son has used the Chalk Dust Basic Math for this school year and has completed the program. The DVD sessions with Uncle Buck have provided consistent, thorough explanation of math concepts for him. We definitely plan to use Chalk Dust in our home school for his middle and high school math. Thanks for your great program."

Linda Williams

"My daughter is 12 and in 6th grade. We have homeschooled her from the beginning. We have used Miquon, Singapore, Abeka, Math-U-See and Saxon in the past

This year we have been using your Basic Math program with "Uncle Buck" on the videos. We are so pleased. My daughter feels she is now prepared and has a full understanding of math for the test. Thank you.

We can't say enough good things about this program. We enjoy "Uncle Buck" and his methodical teaching style. He incorporates review without calling it that. He builds the child's confidence in a step-by-step learning style so that the child feels any problem can be conquered when it is broken down in steps.

We are looking forward to purchasing Chalkdust Pre-Algebra and continuing on. I also appreciate you taking the time to help me know which "math track" my daughter should take as we approach high school."

Sheila Truncellito

Basic Math. "Mr. Mosely, we started Section 2 and my child is finally saying that he is getting to "love math", but only after purchasing your videos."

Maria Sanchez

"Now we're going through the high school math program again with our youngest child, who has always struggled with math. Two years ago we did your Basic Math program and for the first time she understood math! Last year she did PreAlgebra and even though it took us all year and summer to get through it, we did! Now she is sailing through Algebra I and will finish the complete program in May and have the summer "off." She understands it and has finally quit telling us she feels stupid! :)

God bless you all,
Ginger McCreery, for Jesse, Hannah and Rachel McCreery"

We have really been so pleased with the materials and the way my son has really made wonderful strides with his math in the past year. He loves Chalkdust Math so much that he did not even want to look at any other programs. He is ready to sign on for life - and that is saying a lot as he had a math phobia prior to this. He had a bad experience with Saxon Math in public school. We then tried BJU for 3rd grade - which he hated, some McGraw Hill materials for 4th grade, which were sketchy at best, and A Beka for grade 5, which also did not go well. My husband is a math/science person and we were becoming very concerned that our son was falling behind in this area. I truly believe that he has not only caught up - but gained confidence and has a desire to learn and understand more this year. He enjoys the instruction dvd's and does not try to get out of doing math. He has really enjoyed learning some of the concepts. I have suggested looking into Chalkdust to quite a few other parents. I cannot imagine attempting to teach Algebra to my son myself or have my husband teach it. My son has informed his father that the Chalkdust teaching is far better than dad's! :)

Thank you so much!

Mr B.

"Chalk Dust Basic Math covers six major topics: whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio, and proportion, percent, and "Applications for Business and Consumers: A Calculator Approach." This last chapter is almost 100 percent word problems. It covers topics found in both business math and consumer math texts: purchasing, percent increase and decrease, interest, real estate expenses, car expense, wages, and bank statements. I've found that children in grade 5 and up can jump right into this course (with adult supervision and assistance), while it's a great review for teens and parents."

Mary Pride

"We purchased your Basic Math videotape course about 30 days ago. I wanted to share with you some of my 11 year old son's comments. Today he said, 'He makes math so much easier. He is so smart!' I am really impressed! Thank you Chalk Dust Company!"

Jody McRoberts

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