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Calculus I
Calculus One
Reviews of
Calculus I

"I am currently a freshman at Louisiana Tech University, where I am studying chemical engineering. I just completed differential calculus (math 241) and I wanted to share my experience. I made an A in the course and actually made a 99 on the cumulative final! The class was pretty easy - I didn't see very much that you didn't cover in Chalk Dust, and this was the Honors section of Calculus. So hopefully that encourages you, and thank you for being so patient with me - it really paid off! Now, on to integral calculus. :)

Abby Phillips"

"Can a student prepare for the AP Calculus AB exam with Chalk Dust Calculus I?" Yes for the AB exam. But the AP Calculus BC exam contains some topics that typically fall into Calculus II and are not included in the Chalk Dust Calculus I course. - Chalk Dust

"Greetings from Iowa! I have used your program for ACT Test Prep, Trig, Calculus and Basic College Math. I am now switching the whole family (ten children, three are in college studying engineering and architecture respectively at the University of Notre Dame) over to exclusively your products! We had been using Video Text in the past, but the kids enjoy your teaching and are doing better with it!

Thank you again for your excellent teaching. I have very math-geared children and your program has given them an excellent foundation in math. My third child will be testing into Calc 3 at Notre Dame if all goes well. He intends to major in Computer Science Engineering but is considering a dual major in math. Well done Chalk Dust!!!!"

Thanks and God bless,
Megan McDonald

"My son took AP Calculus BC last May as a sophomore, and received a 5, with an AB sub-score of 5 also.

Thank you and with much appreciation,
Donna Penza"

"Our oldest graduated last May from homeschool. He used your Geometry, Algebra II, Precalc, and Calculus (1st half of the book). He has done very well with math. Last spring he took the AP Calculus AB exam and earned a 5 on it, the highest score. He just completed his first semester in engineering at Virginia Tech and received A's in both of his math courses, Calculus II and Vector Geometry. Chalkdust works! Thank you for your thorough, challenging program.

Kim E."

Calculus I 9th Edition Review by Cathy Duffy

12 DVDs, hardbound text, complete solutions guide, and student technical support - $464

The text for this course is Calculus of a Single Variable, Ninth Edition, by Larson and Edwards. The text actually covers two courses - Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 - but the DVDs and the complete solutions guide cover only Calculus 1 which includes chapters on preparation for calculus; limits and their properties; differentiation; applications of differentiation; logarithmic, exponential, and other transcendential functions; and differential equations. The textbook includes hundreds of application problems in biology, business, chemistry and physics.

This is a true college level course. I suspect that most students tackling such a course will want to earn college credit if possible, so students should check with the college of their choice beforehand to make sure they will have the opportunity to test out of Calculus I once the course is completed. I would not be surprised if the college uses the same text since it is one of the most popular calculus texts.

Sir, I have received your technical support, I have bought a new Pioneer DVD player and I have experienced not a single problem. Moreover the lessons are magnificent and I'd like to thank you for your professionalism in handling things.

Benjamin Van Peer, Belgium

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