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About Chalk Dust Company
Chalk Dust Company

In Memoriam
Minerva De Los Santos Mosely

Additional pictures of Minerva Mosely can be accessed in
this PDF file

In 1996 Minerva "Honey" Mosely and her husband Richard, together with his brother Dana, founded Chalk Dust Company to offer high quality math programs to the Christian home school community. Always a "people person", Honey conversed over the years with over 25,000 Christian family friends who used Chalk Dust programs.

In 2008 Honey was diagnosed with a virulent form of breast cancer that later turned into bone cancer. In weakness she would often say, "Bear [Richard], read [the Bible] to me" and "Bear, hold me."

Honey was "Born to Eternal Life" on April 28, 2011. In 2010, at her last Home School Book Fair in Arlington Texas, her chipper spirit uplifted all of us. "I'm not worried about what will happen to me. I'm in the Lord's hands."

The above Memoriam to Honey Mosely was printed on the back cover of the program at the Home School Book Fair held May 11 and 12, 2012 at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington Texas. Thank you Kirk and Beverly McCord.

Honey, we miss your beautiful smile, your friendly hugs and your constant devotion to Christ, your family and your Bear. Life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again!! Your loving husband Richard, your dad Francisco, sisters Senaida and Elbia, brothers Pedro and Higinio, and the many thousands of Christian homeschool parents and students who knew you.

In 1989 Dana Mosely was selected as the video instructor in mathematics for the College Division of publisher D.C. Heath and Company. At the time Dana was teaching at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. The relationship with D.C. Heath involved contracts to produce video programs corresponding with college level mathematics textbooks.

Over the next several years many programs were completed and some of them were designed to remediate students in preparation for College Algebra and other college math subjects. The content of those courses corresponds almost exactly with the content of high school courses so the idea to re-purpose the lower level college video programs and couple them with related textbooks and solutions guides for homeschoolers emerged and permissions were acquired to go forward with the idea.

Chalk Dust Company was incorporated in 1994 for the purpose of offering high quality mathematics instruction on videotape to homeschooled students and a variety of other users. The first course offered was Algebra II. Additional courses were added over the next several years and the most recent was Statistics which joined the product mix in 2011.

Supporting the effective learning process for the student remains the primary focus in making decisions concerning Chalk Dust product development. We feel that the combination of quality DVD instruction, understandable textbook examples, a solutions guide with step-by-step solutions to problems in the text, and personal help when needed via telephone or the internet, provide the most comprehensive and effective distance-learning environment.

Textbooks used in Chalk Dust programs are published by Houghton Mifflin Company (which purchased D.C. Heath in 1998) and most are authored by Ron Larson. Houghton Mifflin is one of the leading textbook publishers in the country and Ron Larson is a "franchise" math author. Those elements coupled with effective DVD instruction meeting the needs of a variety of learning styles, as well as personal support when needed, result in high-quality and remarkably effective learning programs. Houghton Mifflin College Division was purchased by Cengage Learning in May 2008.

We at Chalk Dust are delighted, humbled, and inspired by the strong positive feedback from many of the thousands of students and parents using Chalk Dust products.

While Chalk Dust Company products are produced by Dana Mosely in Orlando, Florida, they are marketed by his brother, Richard, and Richard's wife, Minerva, who live in Sugar Land, Texas, just outside Houston. Richard and Minerva are former employees of Texas Instruments Corporation. Richard spent 15 years with TI and has a masters degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of Houston at Clear Lake. His skills are well-suited to head up the marketing of Chalk Dust programs. Minerva spent 22 years at TI in customer service including liaison with Ford Motor Company for her division.

All Chalk Dust operations are handled close to home, literally. Dana produces programs in a high-quality, in-home, digital video production studio, while Richard and Minerva have marketing, business operations, and customer support operations in theirs. The in-home work environment leads to very long hours but that, coupled with no outside building expenses, have allowed Chalk Dust to grow over the years. An added personal benefit is the constant family interaction which otherwise might not exist to the extent that it does now.

Richard and Minerva travel extensively exhibiting at homeschooling conventions all over the United States from March through August. During the off-season they concentrate on building inventory in preparation for the next year.

Looking Forward
Although the primary focus of Chalk Dust decision-making is the student, attention is turning toward parents and the mechanisms which will benefit them in the math education process.

In addition, Dana may publish new DVDs as the publisher changes testbook editions.

We have often been asked if we intend to develop programs in other disciplines using the Chalk Dust model. So far, the problems in terms of expense and time have been too great to proceed. Then again, next year.....who knows.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us or as that is one of the major engines that drive our business decisions.

Thank you for your interest in Chalk Dust products.


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