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Quick Sketches of
Complete Learning Packages
for Mathematics with Chalk Dust Company
For Basic Math through Calculus I the DVDs, textbooks and solution guides are carefully correlated to provide a quality solution to upper elementary, secondary, and early college mathematics education. We also offer an extremely comprehensive DVD program (over 15 hours) to prepare for the ACT or SAT or any placement test.

DVDs, textbooks, and solutions guides may be ordered either as a complete "full set" package or separately. See Prices, Ordering and Evaluations for more details.

The success of any learning program depends on how well the student understands the teacher. Chalk Dust Company offers an opportunity for students to find out if their learning style is consistent with the teaching style of the on-camera teacher, by offering a 100% refund on any learning package returned in good condition within 30 days of purchase (shipping charges are not refundable).

A free DVD Evaluation Sampler includes 20-30 minutes of teaching for each program that we offer.

Chalk Dust Company products are recommended by over 25,000 satisfied families and by Cathy Duffy, Dr. Mary Hood, Mary Pride and Deborah Bell.

Mary Pride. "Chalk Dust math videos are the best math-teaching tapes I have yet seen."

Cathy Duffy on Algebra 2. "Theoretically we could use nothing but the text book. However, instruction within the text is rather terse, and the video instruction is superb. I highly recommend this course."

Rebekah Wilhelm. "I'm an homeschooled 11th grader who has written to you several times before with math questions. Thanks so much for helping students like me via e-mail! Your video programs have been really great; I've done both algebras, geometry, the SAT review tapes, and I am now finishing up trig. I never liked math much, but Chalk Dust is the best program I've ever done.

Anyway, this email is to let you know that although I'm anything but a math person, I just got a 1600 on my SATs. I am absolutely positive that I wouldn't have scored so well without Chalk Dust. So I wanted to write and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your courses, especially the SAT review DVDs!!! :)"

Sequence Humanities:
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Basic Math Grade 6
Prealgebra Grade 7
Algebra 1 Grade 8
Geometry Grade 9
Algebra 2 Grade 10
ACT_SAT Math Review

Sequence Sciences:
as above, plus
Precalculus (comprised of College Algebra and Trigonometry) Grade 11
Statistics and Calculus 1 Grade 12

Concerning the Honors Designation...
Honors and Advanced Placement courses are so named not so much because of the textbook used but because of content covered and the depth of that coverage on assignments.

It is very rare for high schools to teach every chapter in any math textbook, yet Chalk Dust courses offer full coverage and, coupled with the assignments, are sufficient to qualify for honors (or advanced placement) status. If a student is working problems from throughout the problem set (as we suggest) and all chapters are completed (as we suggest), the honors designation is well within reason.

If a question arises about the strength of Chalk Dust courses, simply take your daughter's textbook, solutions guide, DVDs, and list of assignments into a meeting and ask that they do an online search for the author, Ron Larson, and the teacher, Dana Mosely, and see what happens. They should not only agree to the honors designation, but should hug you, throw confetti, and tell you what a great decision you made as a parent in choosing your math curriculum.

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